About datajournals.eu

Investments in research generate increasing amounts of data. Sharing data with fellow researchers saves redundant efforts and opens new venues for collaboration. Data re-use facilitates validation of research results. Its aggregation within larger datasets promises new discoveries.

Datajournals.eu is a series of open access data journals publishing papers that describe research data and providing access to it. Both papers and datasets are peer-reviewed to guarantee quality and utility of the data. Journals are indexed in major relevant databases.

The publication of a data paper in one of the data journals guarantees that researchers and laboratory personnel, who have often spent thousands of hours in collecting the data, receive proper scientific credit and an opportunity that their work is utilized and cited by other researchers.

The Biomedical Data Journal (BMDJ) is the first journal in the series, launched in 2014 within the EU FP7 project OpenScienceLink and published by Procon Ltd. Its focus is on publishing biomedical datasets that can serve as a source for simulation and computational modelling of diseases and biological processes.

Concepts for other open access data journals are under development.